The proper measurement task is actually very easy to accomplish and will take a couple of minutes and as follows:

1.  Look at your boat from the bow, and determine where is the widest point of width of your boat.

2.  Take a piece of rope or string and walk to the widest part of your boat and then tape a piece of rope or string to that widest point of your boat at the rub rail (also known as a gunnel molding).

3.  Now that you have taped that rope or string to the widest part of one side of your boat, look up and run that rope or string up and over the highest point of your boat so that the rope or string hangs down the other side of your boat at the widest point until your rope or string touches the rub rail on the other side of your boat.

4.  Once your rope or string is touching the rub rail on the other widest side of your boat, take a pencil or marker and make a mark on the rope or string at the point where the rope or string intersect with the rub rail on that other side of your boat.

5.  Remove the rope or string from your boat and lay that rope or string out along a straight path and utilize your measuring tool to determine how many total feet along that rope or string.

6.  Now that you know the number of feet along your rope or string, add 3 to 4 additional feet to your calculation and that total will be the width of boat shrink wrap you need to order, knowing you have taken into consideration an additional 3 to 4 feet of width.

7.  Note: If you wish to add a band of our strapping below the perimeter of your rub rail to hold the boat shrink wrap down more firmly, please add an additional 5-6 feet to the measurement you achieved above. This extra 5 to 6 feet will allow you to fold the boat shrink wrap under the strapping and attach it to itself.

In the event you have any questions visualizing this measurement task or any other questions, simply call our boat shrink wrap experts today.