New Hartford, CT
August 1, 2011

Allstar Supply, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years in Business. Allstar Supply, Inc. has offices in New Hartford, CT and Sudbury, MA as well as Rochester, NY.

Allstar Supply, Inc. began operations in Collinsville, CT on August 1, 1991.  the Founder of Allstar Supply, Inc. is Thomas Zotter.

According to Founder Tom Zotter, “We are thankful to all of our long-standing customers, suppliers and devoted employees who have been with us through these many years in business. We will never forget the loyalty of all of those people who created a team synergy with us, to assist us produce the finest packaging and industrial boat shrink wrap and boat shrink wrap supplies to customers worldwide.”

“Our employees were provided an expense-free trip to Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, CT which included an elegant dinner party and night on the town at the casino’s High Rollers Club.”

“As Founder, I am so happy Allstar Supply continues to continues to grow during these challenging economic years, and most grateful for all of our employees who have become family to me and to each other over these years.”

Allstar Supply, Inc. is a leading supplier of packaging and industrial supplies for businesses worldwide.  Allstar Supply, Inc. global corporate headquarters is located at 8 Wickett Street, New Hartford, CT with additional offices located in Sudbury, MA and Rochester, NY.

For more information about our world-class boat shrink wrap products and supplies, please see our web sites at,, or

Founder Tom Zotter looks forward to solving your packaging and industrial supply issues today.