Shrink wrapping is mostly known as a storage material made of polymer plastic film that shrinks tightly when heat is applied. To ensure proper heat is applied when shrink wrapping, it should be applied either by passing the wrapped object through a tunnel or via a heat gun. Shrink wrapping is made in such a way that it can be done either in one direction or in different directions (i.e., omni-directional or bi-directional).

Benefits of shrink wrapping

  • Affordability – shrink wrapping is a better storage material not only due to its ability to give maximum protection but also due to its affordability. It is much more affordable than traditional bulky storage practices.
  • Shrink wrapping has proven to save on space and also reduce the weight of the object being stored or transported. It is a perfect example-shrink wrapping a boat saves you from having to use large containers to store your boat.
  • Shrink wrapping protects the object being stored from humidity, dirt and even dust. Objects can also be stored in refrigerators, ice or water without any concern because it does not allow water or moisture to penetrate.
  • Shrink wrapping is also used in branding, because the shrink is available in many colors. It is not only highly beneficial for storage purposes, but can also serve as a marketing tool since labels can easily be applied.

One of the most common uses of shrink wrapping is for your boat. It is most often used during the winter season to store boats and keep them from climatic destructions such as humidity and water. Boat shrink wrapping serves as a strong protection from ice, snow and salt and keeps the boat clean throughout the winter season.

The process of shrink wrapping a boat is quite easy. First, you will need to support the boat on a structure from which it can easily be reached and wrapped. Second, once the boat structure is shrink wrapped, a second piece should be placed over the boat and secured to the boat’s belly line. These two separate shrink wrapping pieces must be sealed together to provide a snug fit around the top of the boat. It will then be heated and made to shrink and seal onto the boat. With boat shrink wrapping, the boat can survive the worst of conditions.

There are other many objects on which shrink wrapping can be used, including the roof, construction equipment, watercrafts, motor homes, farm machinery and other outdoor materials such as decors and patios. Both small and big shrink wrapping are very effective.